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When you’re trying to line up a shot, the last thing you want to be worried about is your feet. When you own the best hunting boots, you won’t have to be worried about that at all. Whether it’s hot outside, cold, wet, snowy, or even if your feet sweat like mad crazy, your feet will still be comfortable when you’ve got great boots on. Since there are so many different types and pricing options for hunting boots today, this guide will take you through how to find the best ones for you.

The Best Chart for Hunting Boots

These are some of the highest rated boots from public reviews right now. They have proven to work in a variety of conditions without fail. Don’t take our word for it though. You can take a look at the public reviews for these boots yourself before taking a look at our reviews.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Irish Setter Vaprtrek Waterproof Camo Boot 4.6
LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 18 Realtree Hunting Boots 4.5
Northside Renegade Hunting Boots 4.4
Original Muckboots FieldBlazer 4.7
Bogs Classic High New Break Up Boot 4.5
Guide Gear Insulated Hunting Boots 4.3
Danner Pronghorn Hunting Boot 4.5
Wolverine Sightline 7 inch Hunting Boot 4.3
Rocky Sport Utility Hunting Boots 4.6
Timbaland White Ledge Waterproof Boot 4.5

Hunting Boots Are Available for Each Season

The type of hunting boots you wear should be dependent on the season more than the style or construction of the boot itself. Although it might not be effective for the budget to own boots for each season, you can focus on your primary hunting season and gear up with the best features that will keep your feet comfortable. Let’s break it down.

  • Early Season Hunting Boots. These boots should provide comfort for your feet and bleed heat off of them. They’re lightweight, yet modern waterproofing technologies still keep your feet dry. Some models offer armor deflections for snacks and other critters that might bite below the ankle.
  • Mid-Season Hunting Boots. These are the most versatile of the available hunting boots right now. They’re insulated enough for high altitude hunting, yet comfortable enough that your feet won’t feel fatigued because you’ve worn them all day. They stay cool in the heat, but keep your feet warm in the cold.
  • Late Season Hunting Boots. These boots give your feet the extra insulation they need for the coldest of days out hunting. They work in below-freezing temperatures, but also tend to have a lot of extra bulk, so walking in them over long distances isn’t necessarily comfortable. 

Ultimately the best hunting boots must keep your feet dry so you don’t experience a skin breakdown when you’re trying to line up a shot. For hunters that start in September and end in December, having seasonal boots is almost something of a requirement. Otherwise just choose your primary season, then pick a boot with the features you need, and you’ll be able to keep your feet comfortable, warm, and dry when you’re outside. 

Hunting Boots for Each Type of Hunt

There are two basic styles of hunting. Active hunters tend to keep going, searching for the right target without ever really sitting still for long. Sedentary hunters will set up a tree stand, a ground blind, or hunker down in deep cover and wait for their target, sometimes using bait or other lures to attract attention to a target area. Your hunting boots should be reflective of the type of hunter that you happen to be.

For example: hunting boots for active hunters have specific features, such as Vibram® soles, which provide you with a stable walking experience. If you expect hilly terrain and you’re an active hunter, then you’ll need a stronger foot bed and ankle support, along with traction enhancements, so make sure you’re able to stay upright. Active hunters also need better durability with their boots, which means stronger stitching, better waterproofing, and other specific features.

Sedentary hunters, on the other hand, may need climbing features in their boots. Because there is less overall movement, there should be enhanced insulation and foot wrapping to make sure the hunter’s toes aren’t exposed to cold temperatures. Yet even sedentary hunters need some level of comfort when tracking might need to happen or there’s some distance to hike before a prime spot is reached.

7 Pro Tips to Find the Best Hunting Boots

  1. Rubber boots give you an advantage because they are often scent-free. You can cross damp terrain and stay dry. They also tend to be extremely warm after some time.
  1. Snake boots come in all different designs. This is a must-have if you have any threat of snake bites during your hunt.
  1. Insulation is measured in grams. Anything below 200g is considered an “uninsulated boot.” Extreme cold weather boots need 1,000g or above.
  1. Fit is critically important. Try on your boots with thick hunting socks on so you don’t wind up with a boot that’s too small for you. Consider going up half a size from your regular boot to accommodate this when ordering online.
  1. The best hunting boot reviews come from real trials of a product and public reviews. Beware of any review that attempts to have you purchase a specific brand or style of boot. Every hunter faces unique conditions that make it impossible for a one-size-fits-all solution. 
  1. Don’t underestimate the benefits of camouflage on your boots. Animals can be very detail-orientated in their habitats, so if your boots stand out, you stand out and that’s a bad thing.
  1. Don’t overestimate the benefits of camouflage either. Animals can detect your scent, your movements, and your sounds while hunting. Just because they might not see your hunting boots doesn’t mean they can’t see you.

What Are the Prices of Hunting Boots Today?

There is a wide range of pricing options when you’re shopping for hunting boots. You’ll find that boots that are designed to provide all-around benefits in every season tend to have the highest price points, while feature-specific boots tend to be the most affordable. For example: if you want a basic pair of waterproof leather hunting boots with adequate cold weather insulation, you might find a pair for about $60. If you want active hunting boots that offer you breathe-ability, comfort, and insulation for some sedentary hunting, you might pay $200.

Most hunters will find a suitable pair of boots that meet their needs for $150 or less most of the time.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Irish Setter

These synthetic hiking boots are a low-maintenance option for the hunter that is always on the go. They’re ankle-high, giving you enough support without minimizing the comfort your foot receives. Scent-Ban technology will help to control your scent, while UltraDry technology will keep your feet nice and dry even in the wettest of conditions. The rubber soles are pretty sturdy, but you won’t want to step on something sharp with these boots. They don’t look lightweight, but they feel that way, and that is what’s important.

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These knee-high boots give you the waterproof experience you need in virtually any condition. Unlike similar designs, these boots are leather constructed and offers a 16 inch circumference at the knee. The cushioned EVA midsole provides the right amount of comfort for some extended hiking should it be necessary. A strap at the knee helps to make sure water doesn’t come in from above to soak your feet below.

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These insulated hiking boots provide 400g of thermolite insulation, making them great for early- to mid-season hunting. This also means they’re fairly lightweight, making them suitable for some active hiking experiences. The synthetic surface repels water nicely and the mudguard and heel stabilizer makes the design effective. Leather and nylon complete the upper. As long as temperatures stay above 40F, these hiking boots should be strongly considered because they get the job done.

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Original Muckboots

It’s the reinforced Achilles support panel that we really like about these hunting boots. Sure – they’re knee high and the rubber/fabric combination helps to keep your feet dry, but so many boots like this make your ankle, heel, and Achilles feel like they’re on fire when you take the boots off. Not these. The reinforced shank also gives you some added stability. They’re 100% waterproof, can work in sub-freezing temperatures, and allow you to hunt in conditions that may be change in a hurry. Just make sure you go up a full size if you wear thick socks in this boots.

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Bogs Classic

These camouflage knee-high rubber hunting boots are more comfortable than you might imagine. With hand-lasted rubber and a 4 way stretch inner bootie, these boots will keep your feet warm even when temperatures dip to -40F. Moisture wicking helps to keep your feet cool and dry, while the sole of the boot keeps your foot stable in even slick conditions. If you’ve tried similar boots in the past and come away disappointed, then we highly recommend giving this boot a try. Your feet might feel a little humid, but otherwise there aren’t any complaints to find.

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The best hunting boots will keep you comfortable, keep you hidden, and keep moisture away from your feet. Don’t settle for cheap imitations in this category. Invest into a high quality pair of boots and you’ll receive dividends every time you put them on to go hunting.

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