The 7 Best Hunting Movies of All Time

33. Hunting Movies

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Hunting movies can really be hit or miss. Many times, Hollywood tends to add some extra drama to the movie, making it more about humans hunting other humans or giant white sharks hunting humans instead of a good old-fashioned experience. When you think of Americana, you think of apple pie, Coca-Cola, and hunting, so if you’re feeling a little nostalgic, try streaming one of these great movies tonight with some popcorn.


  1. Ghost and the Darkness

Two lions are killing workers in Kenya. Nearly three dozen people have been killed so far and nothing seems to be stopping the wild beasts. Enter in Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas, who have been called on to stop the bloodshed once and for all. Based on a true story, but with some heavily fictionalized sequences, the 1898 setting has been brought to life perfectly for your viewing enjoyment. You’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout most of the movie, easily making it one of the best hunting movies of all time.

  1. The Mountain Men

An entire movie that follows trappers in the mountains capturing beavers as they work to protect a Native American who ran away from her ex-husband doesn’t seem like it’d make for a captivating western, but it’s easily one of the best hunting movies you’ll ever see. There’s a lot of liquor guzzling going on and Charlton Heston puts forth a wonderful performance that will have you cheering for him to find his legendary valley full of beavers.

  1. The Deer Hunter

Even the most die-hard Christopher Walken fans don’t know about this 1978 masterpiece, which won multiple Oscars, including Best Picture. To be fair, the story is more of a war flashback film with a coming of age storyline about what happens when people come home from war, but the main character loves to go deer hunting. At the time it was released, the scene of Russian roulette was considered extremely controversial and some calls for the film to be boycotted were debated. It might be approaching its 40th anniversary, but this film is still very relevant today.

  1. The Edge

Sir Anthony Hopkins puts in a stunning performance in this movie that has a lot of foreshadowing in it if you pay attention to the close details. After all, when Hopkins is reading Lost in the Woods while in-flight, you know something not so good is going to be happening. Using the skills he read about in the book, the goal is to survive long enough to be rescued and that means hunting for his food. Would you go bear hunting with Alec Baldwin and two really big sticks? Although the plot seems a little weak, this movie is surprisingly entertaining.

  1. Jeremiah Johnson

Who doesn’t want to leave the modern world to set up an isolated little piece of paradise every now and then? This movie, which stars Robert Redford, takes an authentic look at frontier life in the early days of expansionism in the United States. Redford’s character soon becomes the focus of a long-burning revenge, which immediately puts him on the defensive. When two warriors clash, which one will come out on top? Great landscapes and stunning views are captured by Sydney Pollack, making this an instant classic.

  1. Out of Africa

Yes, Robert Redford and Sydney Pollack make another appearance on this list. And sure – some would say that this movie is more of a love story, since Redford’s character becomes the object of affection for a wife whose husband cheats on her after buying a coffee plantation instead of the dairy farm she wanted. What is nice about this movie is that there is a lot of meaningful character development going on, much like what happens in the book it is based on, and that means the end of the movie can be a tearjerker for many.

  1. The Grey

This hunting movie reverses the roles and has a merciless pack of wolves hunting the survivors of – you guessed it – a plane crash. Stranded in the cold weather and needing help, the group strives forth into the wilderness and is slowly picked off by the wolves one by one. There’s a hand-to-hand combat scene at one point with the alpha wolf that is one of the most unique scenes Hollywood may have ever produced.

The best hunting movies of all time have a little bit of everything. Who knows? You might just find a new favorite movie to add to your regular watch list.

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